Marathi to English Translation Made Simple: Unlock Hidden Meanings!

Have you ever bumped into a friend's message in Marathi and wished you could understand it? Or maybe you're planning a trip to India and want to brush up on some basic phrases. Whatever your reason, mastering Marathi to English translation can open doors to new cultures and connections.
Additionally, explore our English to Marathi converter alongside our Marathi to English option! 

Why Translate Marathi to English?

Marathi, a vibrant language with a rich history, is spoken by over 130 million people worldwide! Whether you're connecting with Marathi-speaking friends and family, traveling to India, or simply curious about the language, knowing how to translate between Marathi and English can be incredibly useful. 

Essential Marathi to English Phrases for Everyday Use:

Here are some commonly spoken Marathi phrases you can learn to navigate basic conversations:


  • Namaste (नमस्ते) => Hello (formal)
  • Kai salaam (कै सलाम) => Hi (informal)
  • Aap kaise aahat? (आप कसे आहात?) => How are you?
  • Kay vat aahe? (काय वाट आहे?) => How are you?
  • Mi changla aahe. (मी चांगला आहे.) => I am good. (masculine) 
  • Mi changli aahe. (मी चांगली आहे.) => I am good. (feminine) 


  • Dhanyavad (धन्यवाद) => Thank you 
  • Krupya (कृपया) => Please 
  • Maaf kara (माफ करा) => Excuse me / Sorry 
  • Aapla swagat aahe! (आपला स्वागत आहे!) => You are welcome! 

Getting Around:

  • Mala (मला) [place name] achaa aahe? (जाणारा आहे?) => How do I get to [place name]? 
  • Station kuthe aahe? (स्टेशन कुठे आहे?) => Where is the station? 
  • Kitna vajle? (कित्ना वाजले?) => What time is it? 

Basic Needs:

  • Marathi: Toilet kuthe aahe? (टॉयलेट कुठे आहे?) => Where is the bathroom? 
  • Marathi: Mala [item] laagte (लागते) => I need [item] (e.g., Mala paani laagte - I need water) 
  • Marathi: Bill, krupya. (बिल, कृपया.) => Check, please. 
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